Metot LLC - The creators of Totem

Founded in the Summer of 2015, and proudly based in Lenox, Massachusetts, is Metot LLC. We are a relatively small limited liability corporation that has shifted nearly all of its focus towards the creation of Totem. Totem is the first major project to come out of Metot LLC, and we couldn't be more excited about it. Here at Totem, we hope to define ourselves through Totem while at the same time creating a brand name through it.

Our Mission

Like any new company, we are looking to get our big break through innovation and creativity. We differ from other companies, however, in our ideals about how our company should be run, and what its goals should be. We do everything we do for the user, not for profit. Totem is offered for free on the Appstore, and with no advertisements, because we care about you. Every decision that is made during the design process of Totem was made with one thing and one thing only in mind, the user.


Luke Bartini

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Tyler Coon