Innovation, Passion, perseverance, commitment, Vision

These are the things that we are constantly striving for, and have incorporated into Totem. These five traits are must haves in a world where conformity is quickly becoming a model for young people. As app developers, we want to deliver an experience that users will enjoy. An experience where users will be forced to exit their comfort zone and soar to new heights. Totem aims to show you your potential and maybe, just maybe, instill our 5 core values into you, so that you can not only enjoy everyday life, but excel in it as well. 

Our vision for totem

If you look around, you will see a world where our devices rule over us. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram take away a very valuable resource from us - time. But we continuously use sites like these because they are enjoyable. The idea is revolutionary - one can simply look at their phone and instantly connect with all of their friends and family. Regressing back to a time where social media did not exist is certainly not the solution to the lack of real world interaction that people have. Social media is an amazing thing, it's just that the leading providers of it are pushing users to use it in all the wrong ways. 

Totem is using social media to get people to get up and start doing things. Whether you want to get fit, be more social, get better grades, or just have some fun with your friends, Totem will have a goal set for you. Sure, you may receive the goal prompt on your screen, but it is with your mind and your body that you will have to complete that goal. 

Through completing a goal, users will receive a sense of pride, satisfaction, and contentment. No matter what category of goals you choose to attack, you will have an incredibly enjoyable experience completing those goals, and will feel good about yourself all the while.