Totem allows you to complete "Daily Goals" as well as accept challenges sent from your friends


Totem functions using a few simple base modes, designed for user-friendliness and social enjoyment. Totem thrives on social interaction, pushing for users to post more frequently, and share with more friends. In essence, it is a game functioning within a social media site. Using a vast array of features, Totem hopes to ensure a comprehensive social experience for all users alike.

Complete goal. post. repeat.

When completing a goal, the user will take either a picture or a video (30 second limit) of themselves completing this goal, and then it will be posted for all of your followers to see. The posting and viewing side of things in Totem is very similar to the methods that we have all grown to love in numerous other social media sites, except Totem adds a compelling twist. Whilst browsing through the most recent posts, it will be the users job to decide if the goals posted by other users were, in fact, completed or not.

Receiving and completing goals with Totem will never get boring, because you will never see the same goal twice. But wait, it goes beyond that. Through our goal assignment algorithm, we can offer you goals that are specific to your age, gender, location, interests, and past successes and failures. Our team will be working to create more goals and challenges 24/7, so that you never know what to expect for your Daily Goal. Additionally, users will have the ability to create goals themselves, which, if ranked highly enough, will make their way into the Daily Goal library.


See screenshots and demo below.


goal of the day

Goal of the Day is the primary mode for Totem. The app sends a push notification for the user prompting them to complete the daily goal.


Community Driven Goals

User generated content along with regular maintenance and updates will ensure that the Totem experience never becomes dull.


See more challenges and goal examples

Proof of completion

To ensure the successfulness of a challenge or goal, users will post a photo or short video of the goal to allow the community to determine the successfulness.