Goals and Challenges

At the end of the day, it is the challenges and goals that will determine the level of user enjoyment. That is why, in addition to creating thousands of goals that we have personally created, users will be given the ability to create their own goals, and then have the option to make those created goals public so that they can be distributed to people all across the globe (as long as these goals meet our criteria and guidelines). Obviously, that feature will be unavailable until Totem is released and therefore we will work tirelessly to bring as many fantastic goals and challenges to you for the release as we possibly can.

Have a goal idea? Make your voice heard here.

Here is a small sample of possible goals and challenges:

Just for fun

  • Give yourself a hair cut
  • Leave a 40% tip at a restaurant
  • Play a prank on a friend
  • Create a secret handshake
  • Plank in a public setting
  • Dance
  • Take a selfie with a stranger
  • Find someone with the same name as you
  • Draw a portrait of a friend of your choosing
  • Sing in public
  • Backflip into a pool
  • Do a magic trick
  • Showcase your jumping abilities
  • Boast your vocal talents - sing a song
  • Scare someone
  • Take a selfie as soon as you wake up in the morning
  • Match clothing with somebody
  • Sign an online petition
  • Create a concept for an invention
  • Recreate a scene from a movie
  • Create a video tour of your house


  • Eat a healthy meal
  • Go for a jog
  • Floss your teeth
  • Wake up early and start the day
  • Complete a chore
  • Run an errand
  • Say something positive for all your friends to hear
  • Show your smile off
  • Go hiking with a group of friends
  • Demonstrate a unique talent that you have
  • Workout

Short promotional videos of a few goals and challenges: